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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Remember to drink in moderation!

Cities: Travaillan and Camaret

Grape varieties: Grenache 85%; Mourvèdre, 15%;

Age of the vineyard: 50 years

Yield: 40 hectoliters per hectare

Terroir: From the "Plan of God." Peyrosols, from limestone gravel alluvial terrace Riss (soil composed of a thick pebbles)

Vinification: Traditional in concrete vats with two overs per day during fermentation, then thereafter. The temperature is controlled by flags in stainless steel with a maximum of 31 ° C. Fermentation lasts two weeks.

Breeding: The wine is aged in barrels in part from March to April wines, the rest is stored in tanks. After a light filtration. The wine is bottled from the summer.

Conservation: 5-7 years

Temperature: 16 °C

Food-wine pairing: braised meat, cheese, truffle-based preparation

Divins Galets

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