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Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health. Remember to drink in moderation!

City: Violès and Jonquières

Grape varieties: White Grenache: 50%; Roussanne: 50%

Age of vines: 10 to 60 years

Yield: 40 hectoliters per hectare


Soil: silty, clayey limestone with gravel horizons (ancient alluvium of the Wurm)

Winemaking: The grapes are picked by hand and crated for transport. The harvest is emptied directly into the press. The juice obtained after pressing is cooled to around 10°C for 24 h to allow the sedimentation of unwanted materials (lees, plant debris, ...). After settling, the must is fermented in new oak barrels of 225 l (wood from the Vosges). The fermentation temperature is maintained at about 17-18 ° C.

Breeding: In the end of fermentation, after 10-15 days, the wine is racked and left on the lees with weekly batonage for several months until bottling the following spring.

Conservation: 3-4 years

Temperature: 10 °C

Food- wine pairing: exotic dishes, aperitif wineViolès et Jonquières


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